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Photographer & Movie-Maker

"The photographic playfulness of Tom Lichtenwalter, who was born and grew up in Karlsruhe (Germany), captures the overwhelming landscapes of the American West and of the Mediterranean world. Given the artist's musical background, his pictures should be viewed as musical landscape compositions".



Trough out my life, i never missed an opportunity to achieve what i set my mind to.

I`ve gone from being a musician to songwriting, from audio engineer to studio owner/producer. For me, it is not a simple matter of choosing photography and videography as my major creative outlet, but rather, i feel like it chose me.

I also working as an Filmmaker, Director and Producer for Feature Films, Commercials, Documentaries and Music Videos.

Whatever the project is, i put a 100% into it. My passion for USA Landscape Photography began 17 years ago when i first laid eyes on the endless wide ranges of the western United States. I fell in love with places like Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite. It was like discovering a huge creative playground!

Because of my musical background i also have the ability to visualize music, which has made me the go-to video director for many bands. I love combining sight to sound.

Aside from working as a solo photographer/videographer, I founded Red Throne International Photography with a like-minded photographer who is based in Los Angeles, California: namely, Andrea Lucero of Thru Andi`s Lens. I did not want to be geographically limited to Germany/Europe. I often travel to the USA to collaborate with Andrea and we are continually growing Red Throne by working on different projects. I have found this a good way to regularly sharpen my skills and stay ahead of the curve.

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